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Number of acronyms found: 270

Aggregate Business Information Entity
Derived from UBL
2. ACC
Aggregate Core Component
Derived from UBL
ACORD Property & Casualty XML
Astronomical Dataset Markup Language
5. adXML
Advertising for XML
European Association of Aerospace Industries
7. aecXML
Architectur Description Markup Language
8. AF
Architectural Forms
Architectural Form Definition Requirements
10. AIF
Architecture and Tools for Linguistic Analysis Systems
11. AIML
Astronomical Instrument Markup Language
Artificial Intelligence Markup Language
12. ALURe
Aggregation and Logging of User Requests
Seems to be obsolete
13. AML
Astronomical Markup Language
14. ANSI
American National Standards Institute
Australia New Zealand Land Information Council
Geospatial Metadata in Australasia
P3P Preference Exchange Language
Association Business Information Entity
Derived from UBL
19. ASCC
Association Core Component
Derived from UBL
20. ASP
Active Server Page
Application Service Provider
21. ATA
Airline Transportation Assication
22. B2B
Business Application Developers' Association
24. BBIE
Basic Business Information Entity
Derived from UBL
25. BCC
Basic Core Component
Derived from UBL
26. BCEL
Byte Code Engineering
27. bcXML
Building Construction XML
28. BEEP
Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol
29. BIE
Basic Information Entity
Derived from UBL
30. BOD
Business Object Document
BOD used by OAG
31. BOM
Byte-Order Make
Business Process Execution Language for Web Services
33. BRML
Business Rules Markup Language
34. BSF
Bean Scripting Framework
35. BSR
BIOpolymer Markup Language
Business Semantic Repository
Business Service Request
36. BTP
Business Transaction Management
OASIS-Open and BEA Technical Committee
37. c14n
Canonical XML
38. CAD
Computer Aided Design
39. CALS
Continuous Acquisition and Lifecycle Management
Computer Aided Logistics Support
Common Biometric Exchange File Format
41. CBL
Common Business Language
42. CBML
Case Based Markup Language
Comic Book Markup Language
43. CC
Core Component
Derived from ebXML and UBL
44. CCA
Voice Browser Call Control
46. CDF
Channel Definition Language
47. CDM
Content Data Model
48. CGM
Computer Graphics Metafile
49. CIDS
Component Information Dictionary Standard
50. CIDX
Chemical Industry Data Exchange
51. CML
Chemical Markup Language
52. CPFR
Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishm
53. CPIM
Common Profile for Instant Messaging
54. CRM
Customer Relationship Management
55. CSS
Cascading Style Sheet
56. cXML
Commerce XML
57. cycL
CYC Representation Language
58. DAML
DARPA Agent Markup Language
59. DCD
Document Content Description for XML
60. DDML
Document Description Markup Language
Dynamic HTML
62. DIDL
Digital Item Declaration Language
63. DiGR
Distributed Generic Information Retrieval
64. DIME
Direct Internet Message Encapsulation
65. DISA
Data Interchange Standards Association
Defense Information Systems Agency
66. DML
Development Markup Language
67. DOM
Document Object Model
68. DPRL
Digital Property Rights Language
69. DSDL
Document Schema Definition Language
70. DSML
Directory Services Markup Language
Document Style Semantics and Specification Languag
72. DTD
Document Type Definition
Daylight Til Dawn
73. EAN
European Article Numbering Association
74. EC
Electronic Commerce
75. ECC
Electronic Commerce Connection, Inc.
76. ECML
Electronic Commerce Modelling Language
77. EDI
Electronic Data Interchange
78. ELTA
Encoded Literary Text Analysis
79. ERP
Enterprise Resource Planning
80. ESIS
Element Structure Information Set
81. ESML
Earth Science Markup Language
82. EXIX
Electronic Component Information Exchange
Financial Information eXchange Protocol
84. FNA
Foreign Namespace Attribute
85. FOP
Formatting Object to PDF
86. FOSI
Format Output Specification Instance
87. FPML
Financial Products Markup Language
88. FTP
File Transfer Protocol
89. GCA
Graphics Communications Association
General Content, Style, Format and User Interface
91. GedML
Genealogical Data Markup Language
92. GLIE
General Ledger Information Entities
93. GML
Geometry Markup Language
GNU Network Object Model Environment
Global Positioning System Markup Language
96. GraX
GRAph eXchange format
97. GXL
Graph Exchange Language
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Hospitality Industry Technology Integration Standards
100. HL-7
Health Level Seven
101. HTML
HyperText Markup Language
102. HTTP
HyperText Transfer Protocol
103. HumanML
Human Markup Language
104. HyTime
Hypermedia/Time-based Structuring Language
105. ICADD
International Committee on Accessible Document Design
106. ICE
Information Content & Exchange
107. ICU
IBM Classes for Unicode
108. IDE
Integrated Development Environment
109. IETF
Internet Electronic Technical Forum
110. IETM
Interactive Electronic Technical Manual
EDI Implementation guideline Definition Message
112. ISO
International Standards Organization
113. IVR
Interactive Voice Recognition
114. JAXP
Java API for XML Parsing
115. JSML
Java Speech Markup Language
116. JSP
Java Server Pages
117. JXDD
Justice XML Data Dictionary
118. KIF
Knowledge Interchange Format
119. LAMP
Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl
Linux, Apache, MySQL, Python
120. LDAP
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
121. MathML
Mathematical Markup Language
122. MatML
Materials Markup Language
123. MDDL
Market Data Definition Language
124. METS
Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard
125. MIME
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension
126. MLCD
Markup Language for Complex Documents
127. MOE
Markup Object Events
128. MOF
Meta Object Format
129. MOM
Message-Oriented Middleware
130. MRU
Minimum Revisable Unit
131. MSV
Multi-Schema XML Validator
132. MTML
Marine Trading Markup Languague
133. NAICS
North American Industry Classification System
134. NDR
UBL Naming and Design Rules
135. NITF
News Industry Text Format
136. NVML
NaVigation Markup Language
137. OAGIS
138. OASIS
Open Applications Group Interchange Specification
Organization for the Advancement of Structured Inf
139. OBI
Open Buying on the Internet
140. ODA
Open Document Architecture
141. ODBMS
Object Database Management System
142. OFX
Open Financial Exchange Specification
143. OIL
Ontology Interchange Language
144. OKBG
Open Knowledge Base Connectivity
145. OMG
Object Management Group
Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages an
147. OPML
Outline Processor Markup Language
148. OSD
The Open Software Description Format
149. OTA
Open Travel Alliance
150. OTP
Open Trading Protocol
151. OWN
OWL Web Ontology Language
152. PDM
Product Data Model
153. PDX
Product Definition Exchange
154. PGML
Precision Graphics Markup Language
155. PI
Public Identifier
Processing Instruction
156. PIDL
Personalized Information Description Language
157. PIPE
Parner Interface Processes for Energy
158. PML
Pattern Markup Language
Phone Markup Language
Portal Markup Language
159. PMML
Predictive Model Markup Language
160. PNML
Petri Net Markup Language
161. POC
Proof of Concept
162. POIX
Point Of Interest eXchange Language Specification
163. PPML
Personalized Print Markup Language
164. PSVI
Post Schema Validation Infoset
165. PURL
Persistant URLs
166. RDDL
Resource Directory Description Language
167. RDDL
Resource Directory Description Language
168. RDF
Resource Description Format
169. RELAX
REgular LAnguage description for XML
170. REST
Representational State Transfer
171. RFC
Request for Comment
172. RIF
Railroad Industry Forum
173. RIXML
Research Information eXchange Markup Language
174. RM-ODP
Reference Model for Open Distributed Processing
175. RNIF
RosettaNet Implimentation Framework
176. RSS
RDF Site Summary
Really Simple Syndication.
Interesting article:
177. RTF
Rich Text Format
Result Tree Fragment
178. SAML
Security Assertion Markup Language
179. SAX
Simple API for XML
180. SBML
Systems BiologyMarkup Language
181. SDA
SGML Document Access
182. SGML
Standard Generalized Markup Language
183. SME
Subject Matter Expert
Small and Medium-sized Enterprise
184. SMIL
Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language
185. SOAP
Simple Object Access Protocol
186. SOAP-RP
SOAP Routing Protocol
187. SOCAT
SGML-Open Catalog
188. SOX
Schema for Object-Oriented XML
189. SPDL
Standard Page Description Language
190. SRML
Simple Rule Markup Language
191. STEP
Standard Exchange for Product Data
192. SVG
Scalable Vector Graphics
193. SWAP
Simple Workflow Application Protocol
194. TCIF
TeleCommunication Industry Forum
195. TDML
Timing Diagram Markup Language
196. TEI
Text Encoding Initiative
197. TMQL
Topic Map Query Language
198. TREX
Tree Regular Expressions for XML
199. TTS
200. UBL
Unified Business Language
201. UCS
Universal Character Set
202. UDDI
Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration
203. UDEF
Universal Data Element Framework
204. UEML
Universal Exchange Markup Language
205. UI
User Interface
206. UML
Universal Modeling Language
207. UOM
Unit of Measurement
208. URI
Universal Resource Indicator
209. URL
Universal Resource Locator
210. UTF-16
UCS Transformation Format 16
211. UTF-8
UCS Transformation Format 8
212. UXF
UML eXchange Format
213. VAN
Value Added Network
214. VICS
Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards
215. VML
Vector Markup Language
216. VRML
Virtual Reality Markup Language
217. VXML
Voice Extensible Markup Language
218. W3C
World Wide Web Consortium
219. WAI
Web Accessibility Initiative
220. WIDL
Web Interface Definition Language
221. WML
Wireless Markup Language
222. WS-I
Web Services Interoperability Organization
223. WSCL
Web Services Conversation Language
224. WSDL
Web Services Description Language
225. WSEL
Web Services Endpoint Language
226. WSFL
Web Services Flow Language
227. WSIO
Web Services Interoperability Organization
228. WSPEL
Web Services Process Execution Language
229. WSRP
Web Services for Remote Portals
230. WSX
W3C XML Schema
231. X-KISS
XML Key Information Service Specification
232. XAML
Transaction Authority Markup Language
233. XBEL
XML Bookmark Exchange Language
234. XBRL
Extensible Business Reporting Language
235. XCBF
XML Common Biometric Format
236. XDR
XML Data Reduced
237. XFA
XML Forms Architecture
238. XFDL
XML Forms Description Language
239. XFDL
Extensible Forms Description Language
240. XFO
XML Flow Objects
241. XHTML
Extensible HyperText Markup Language
242. XIOP
Extensible InterOperable Protocol
243. XKMS
XML Key Management Specification
244. XLink
XML Linking Language
245. XLL (obsolete)
XML Linking Language
246. XMI
XML Metadata Interchange
247. XML
eXtensible Markup Language
248. XML GL
XML Accessibility Guidelines
249. XML4J
XML Parser for Java
250. XMLP
XML Protocol
251. XOL
XML-Based Ontology Exchange Language
252. XOM
XML Object Model
253. XPath
XML Path Language
254. XPointer
XML Pointer Language
255. XRL
XML Resume Library
256. XRS
XML Retrieval Engine
257. XSCS
XML Schema Compact Syntax
258. XSDL
XML Schema Description Language
259. XSFD
XML Schema Formal Description
260. XSL
eXtensible Style Sheet
261. XSL-FO
eXtensible Style Language - Flow Object
262. XSLT
XSL Transformations
263. XSP
eXtensible Server Pages
264. XSU
XML-SQL Utility
Oracle Utility
265. XSV
XML Schema Validator
266. XTL
XML Transformation Language
267. XTM
XML Topic Map
268. XUL
Extensible User Interface Language
269. YOYO
Your On Your Own
270. YRIF
Yuri Rubinsky Insight Foundation