[Schematron] Help sought: implementation of Character Repertoire in XSLT2 for embedding in schematron

Rick Jelliffe rjelliffe at allette.com.au
Sat Sep 20 10:12:38 EDT 2008

David Carlisle wrote:
> a) I might get time to do a bit more to it (I noticed last night I'd 
> missed off intersection for example) and also to fill in the 
> hull/unknown code.
presumably intersection just uses the "and" connector?  (And top-level 
intersection would be be put in different <asserts> for
better debugging.)

<xsl:template match="crdl:intersection" mode="crdl:xpath">
  <xsl:for-each select="*">
    <xsl:apply-templates select="." mode="crdl:xpath"/>
    <xsl:if test="position()!=last()"> and &#10;</xsl:if>

> b) the replace is replacing ' by '' as I'm putting the regexp into a 
> '-delimited xpath string, so (in xpath2) you can include ' by doubling 
> it. so <char>'</char> comes out as matches(.,''')
Oh, OK, it was a font issue that was confusing here.

> c) The XSLT posted to the schematron list by David Carlisle  to 
> convert crepdl schemas to XPath was written by David Carlisle and may 
> be used by any person for any purpose and may be incorporated into 
> other software
> and distributed under any licence that is appropriate.

Rick Jelliffe

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