[Schematron] [dsdl-discuss] Re: Help sought: implementation of Character Repertoire in XSLT2 for embedding in schematron

David Carlisle d.p.carlisle at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 22 07:09:46 EDT 2008

2008/9/22 Rick Jelliffe <rjelliffe at allette.com.au>

> Following discussion with David Carlisle, I think the schema for DSRL is
> wrong in the 2007 draft at least.
>    replacement-text = element dsrl:replacement-text {any-content}
> should be
>    replacement-text = element dsrl:replacement-text {text}

I made this same comment (along with some others) some months back on the
official comment list for dsdl drafts, but never had a reply.



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