[Schematron] [dsdl-discuss] Re: Help sought: implementation of Character Repertoire in XSLT2 for embedding in schematron

Rick Jelliffe rjelliffe at allette.com.au
Mon Sep 22 07:34:30 EDT 2008

David Carlisle wrote:
> I made this same comment (along with some others) some months back on 
> the official comment list for dsdl drafts, but never had a reply.
> http://lists.dsdl.org/dsdl-comment/2008-01/0004.html
Alex Brown has been sounding out the idea of using a Wiki for standards 
development and feedback.

So every section would be a Wiki page. I think that would be a practical 
way to get better openness at the development stage and
to prevent issues falling through the cracks.

Rick Jelliffe

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