[Schematron] Details on proposed enhancements to ISO Schematron

Rick Jelliffe rjelliffe at allette.com.au
Tue Sep 30 14:00:52 EDT 2008

I have put a blog entry up at

This has the proposed changes that I am submitting to WG1 in detail for 
enhancements to the Schematron standard. As well it has audio commentary 
on various parts, to explain some of the rationale behind the proposals.

These are not remotely written in stone, so comments are very welcome, 
here or on the dsdl-comments mail-list.

I mention several times features as having been implemented which are 
not in any released version of the schematron skeleton: don't be 
puzzled, these are things awaiting testing before the next update of the 
skeleton (this week I hope!) which has quite a few improvements.


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