Zarella L. Rendon

2312 Treyburn Ct.

Plano, TX 75075





Feb. 02 to Present XML-Factor Consulting

Principal Consultant/Managing Director

Responsible for XML Publishing Solutions, including design, development, and deployment of end-to-end systems, management of XML migration processes, conversion strategies, stylesheets, and final delivered products.


Aug. 01 to Feb. 02 HMM Consulting International, Inc.

Principal Consultant

Designed and implementated end-to-end customer solutions for document and data transformation, management, and reuse.


Feb. 94 to May 01 Isogen International Corp., a DataChannel Company

Sr. Applications Engineer

Specialized in managing customer projects which involve design, development, implementation, and support of Technical Document Management Systems for customers in various industries including Telecommunications, Oil and Gas , Publishing, Air Transport, Computer Software, Railroad, and the US Postal Service.

Performed document analysis, DTD development, conversion strategies, on-line document design and implementation, and document database development.

Developed and implemented CD-ROM and on-line documentation products using Inso s DynaText and Insted.

Special Projects:

- Developed and implemented conversion systems for SGML to and from XyASCII, RTF, MIF, ASCII, HTML, DTD to DTD, and LinkOne.

- Created and modified PDM tools for importing, editing, and exporting SGML using Perl, C-Shell, and Omnimark.

- Created a generic RTF to SGML conversion process with on-the-fly creation of parsable data and document specific DTDs.

- Created and implemented a document acceptance, fragmenter and import system for TIM DTD (Telecommunications Industry) using Omnimark and PDM database systems.

- Tested and corrected course material for Inso, including DynaBase product.


January 89 Northern Telecom, Inc.

to February 94 Applications Support Specialist, Product Support Services

Developed and implement an On-Line Technical Document Library utilizing ISO Standard SGML format and applications such as INSO DynaText, Avalanche's FastTag, and SoftQuad's Author/Editor.

Administer and maintain document databases, stylesheets and document formats.

Evaluate and develop new software tools for the administration and support of the document library.


Professional W3C XSL Working Group Member; OASIS XSLT/XPath Conformance Voting Member;

Associations OASIS Individual Member; TCIF-IPI Member; Enigma UG; Xyvision UG; International Who's Who of Information Technology.

Education Associate Degree, Computer Information Systems, Richland College - GPA 3.8, Dean's List. Presently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management at the University of Phoenix, est. completion May, 2004.



Named Character Elements for XML

Co-Authored with Anthony B. Coates, Financial XML Specialist

Published in January 02, 2003


Anatomy of an XML Content Management System

Co-Authored with Brian Buehling, Dakota Systems

Published and presented at XML 2002


xmLP: Literate Programming tool for XML and text

Co-Authored with Anthony B. Coates, Financial XML Specialist

Published for Extreme Markup Languages 2002, Montreal


Handling Character Entities in XSLT 1.0

Markup Languages: Theory and Practice

Volume: 3 Number: 3 Page: p250

Published by MIT Press


XSLT & XPath, A Guide to XML Transformations

Co-Authored with John Robert Gardner, Sun Microsystems

ISBN: 0-13-040446-2

Published by Prentice-Hall July 2001,4096,0130404462,00.html

Currently on the "Required Textbook" list at Harvard CSCI E-153

Authoring for Reuse: Component-based Authoring

Co-Authored and Presented with Caron Newman, Sun Microsystems

Published for XML 2000, Washington, D.C.

Also re-published for Sun Microsystems' internal newsletter.


Creating Platform-Independent, Context-Sensitive User Assistance (On-Line Help) With an Enterprise-Wide SGML Publishing Platform

Co-Authored and Presented with Matthew Brannon, Lucent Technologies

Published for XML 1999, Philadelphia, PA


Railroad Industry Forum (RIF) Electronic Parts Catalog Exchange Standard (EPCES)

Co-Authored and Presented with Betty Harvey, ECC

Published for SGML 1997, Washington, D.C.


Software Experience


SGML/XML Applications






DynaText, DynaTag



DynaWeb, DynaBase

SoftQuad Panorama, XMetaL

XPath, XSL-FO, XQuery

Insted Editor

ArborText, ACL

Topic Maps

DynaText SIT

Xyvision PDM & XPP