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part of the Amara toolkit by Uche Ogbuji.
Reference XSLT implementation
developed by Rick Jelliffe with much community contribution on the mailing list
Oxygen XML Editor
Version 8.2 (and newly released version 9.0) supports ISO and 1.5. See also the [1] flash demonstration] of Schematron support. Oxygen provides a W3C Schema [2] for ISO compliant Schematron development.


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Easy to use XML Editor with real time Schematron validation. Implemented using NMatrix Schematron.NET 0.6. [Note: UltraXML:Author was moved from the ISO section above to the Pre-ISO section following some basic tests and answers from WebX support showing that the tool does NOT comply with the ISO standard, however seems to comply with Schematron 1.5]
NVDL implementation using Jing "NVDL is the successor of NRL (Namespace Routing Language) that was created by James Clark in 2003. Jing, also created in 2003 by James Clark, is known as the reference implementation for Relax NG but it also contains support for NRL, Schematron and XML Schema validation (the XML Schema validation is based on Xerces)." (working on ISO level conformance)
enhanced XSLT implementation of 1.5
by G. Ken Holman for UBL work
Academia Sinica XSLT implementation of 1.5
by Rick Jelliffe
Draft XSLT implementation of 1.6
by Rick Jelliffe
Supports standalone 1.5 schemata, but not assertions embedded in RELAX NG. By James Clark
Sun MSV Schematron add-on
Allows a document to be validated against a RELAX NG grammar and also against Schematron constraints embedded as annotations in the RELAX NG. Uses MSV. Implemented in Java. Written by Kohsuke KAWAGUCHI. Open source (BSD license).
PHP XML Classes Schematron support
Requires PHP XSLT extension (Sablotron)


XML Judge (Topologi)

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