ISO TC184/SC4/WG10 Architecture N112

Date: 1997-06-01

Source: Deputy Convener

ISO TC184/SC4 Meeting
San Diego CA, USA

SC4 Resolution

Preliminary Work Item Proposal: SGML and Industrial Data

from WG10


The following sections set out the rationale and description of the proposed Preliminary Work Item.


SGML and Industrial Data

Date of Submission



Bernd G. Wenzel
Ganghoferstr. 7b
D-83043 Bad Aibling
Phone: +49-8061-37232
Fax: +49-8061-92018
Mobile: +46-708-204440

Proposal Advocates

See list of technical participants below.

Proposed Project Leaders

Nigel Shaw
EuroSTEP Limited
Castell, Bodfari
LL16 4HT
Tel: +44 1745 710677
Fax: +44 1745 710688
Daniel Rivers-Moore
Rivcom Limited
Unit 9, Lotmead Business Village
Tel: +44 1793 790802
Fax: +44 1793 790212

Scope and Functional Requirements

The SGML family of standards is highly important in the publications domain. The SC4 family of standards is set up to enable the exchange and sharing of product and product related information. Product documentation obviously belongs into both worlds.

This project will investigate ways to increase the interoperability between both families of standards for the benefit of product definition, product documentation, and beyond. The project is intended to create one or more NWIPs for subjects such as:

It is intended to release a consistent series of NWIPs according to priorities derived from industry requirements and technical considerations for the SC4 family of standards. The project will also assess potential impacts on existing SC4 standards.

Application Activity Model

Not applicable

Evidence of Industry Need for this Effort

It is obvious, that industry needs product documentation and product definition. Both form important parts of the consistent product information infrastructure that industry would like to have. In addition, some pieces of product documentation (should) show up in a product parts list, such as the owner's manual in the bill-of-materials of a car.

Information within the product documentation often are reused in multiple documentation by-products which support the product such as technical manuals, user manuals and training manuals. SGML facilitates the capability to reuse information which could mean significantly less time to market and cost for product documentation.

The fact that several workshops have been conducted on this STEP/SGML interoprability, many proposals have been made along those lines, and a few prototypes for various of the above aspects have been built, supports this statement.

Within SC4, awareness of these issues can be found among others in WG3/T14 (Product Documentation), AP212, AP214, AP221, AP232 and PLIB.

Overlap and Relationships to other SC4 standards and Projects

This project will initiate the development of enabling technology for the benefit of all SC4 standards and projects. The project will require participation from experts in:

The need for formal liaison with ISO/IEC JTC1/SC18/WG8 Document Processing and Related Communication - Document Description and Processing Languages will be considered at an early stage of the project.

Required Resource Schemata

To be determined within the proposed project. It is anticipated that the project may identify requirements for resource level data models that support the use of SGML and SC4's industrial data standards.

Current Participants and Committed Human Resources for the Project Develeopment

Bernd G. Wenzel (part-time Stage 0 phase) Germany
Nigel Shaw (part-time Stage 0 phase) UK
Daniel Rivers-Moore (part-time Stage 0 phase) UK
Hugh Tucker (part-time Stage 0 phase) Denmark
Betty Harvey (part-time Stage 0 phase) USA
Julian Fowler (part-time Stage 0 phase) UK
Reinhard Nerke (part-time Stage 0 phase) Germany
Philippe Debras (part-time Stage 0 phase) France
PDES, Inc. representative (part-time Stage 0 phase) PDES, Inc.
Juergen Mohrmann (part-time Stage 0 phase) ProSTEP


This is a typical planning project, targetted to create several NWIPs. Therefore the schedules are to be defined by the project.


The objective of this resolution is to add a Preliminary Work Item as described above to the SC4 programme of work, as part of the activities of WG10 "Architecture".


SC4 approves the Preliminary Work Item on SGML and industrial data described in document WG10 N112 and appoints Nigel Shaw and Daniel Rivers-Moore as joint Project Leaders. This project is assigned to WG10.

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