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September 21, 2004


Antenna House
Bright Path Solutions
Dakota Enterprise Publishing System
DataStream Content Solutions
EMC Documentum
HighRidge Technologies Incorporated
HyperVision Ltd.
In.vision Research Corporation
Mark Logic
Microsoft Corporation
Refresh Software Corporation
Retrieval Systems Corporation
Software AG
SI International
Vasont Systems

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Antenna House's XSL Formatter V3.0 is a powerful software package that can transform XML into PDF, print and screen outputs.

The XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO) specification has been a published recommendation by the W3C for over two years. It is rapidly becoming the most widely used solution for formatting XML content into PDF, print and screen output and is now used world-wide in hundreds of formatting implementations that range from formatting on demand for web applications to the production of government, business, legal and technical documentation to commercial books. Using actual document examples, the presentation will review: What is XSL-FO? When should it be used? When should it not be used? What is the current status of the standard? Why is XSL-FO becoming so popular and what are the practical advantages of XSL-FO over other potential solutions?

Arbortext Logo

To improve information accuracy and freshness while cutting costs and reducing time to market, Arbortext's publishing software can help.

Based on XML, Arbortext's software includes XML editing, conversion between XML and word processing formats, and automated assembly and publishing to multiple types of media: Web, print, CD-ROM and wireless devices.

Arbortext's software is ideal for complex content such as catalogs, datasheets, operating instructions, user guides, service manuals, manufacturing instructions, training courses, technical journals, reference publications, regulatory submissions and other long, complex documents.

Arbortext is installed at over 1,300 customer sites, including over 300 of the Global 2000 companies. Arbortext is a founding member and active participant in the XML Activity of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Astoria Software ( www.astoriasoftware.com) is the established developer of software for structured document management in the enterprise. Its package software applications automate and manage the author, review, and publishing processes. Natively architected to manage XML/SGML content, Astoria is unique in managing content at the document, component, and even element level. This flexible approach to managing structured content enables Astoria customers to share, re-use, and re-purpose information across one or thousands of documents for easy delivery to any delivery channel, web, print, PDA and others. Enterprise customers including Texas Instruments, The Boeing Company, Lockheed Martin, Cessna use Astoria Software to address their most complex content

Bright Path Solutions

Bright Path Solutions is a solution sales provider. We provide enterprise publishing assistance to organizations in need of publishing solutions. Our services are provided in support of client internal publishing, or as a replacement or temporary adjunct to internal publishing. Depending on client needs, our complete solutions may include software licensing, project consulting assistance, technical writing, document conversions, training, hotline support, and related services.

We assist clients in increasing productivity and decreasing documentation’s time-to-market—and time-to-repurpose. Bright Path Solutions focuses its training and consulting on tools and technology that expand paper and electronic publishing functionality. We train and provide services only for tools and techniques that we use and believe are best-in-class.

Our goal is to assist clients in implementing complex documentation systems and doing their projects the right way, with the right tools, in a reasonable amount of time. This allows publishing to be more productive and projects to be completed more efficiently.

Bright Path Solutions works hard to ensure clients—and their end users—experience long term gains from the solutions we provide. We will provide a solution that fits your business and needs; not a one-size-fits-all solution. We will also let you know if there are any parts of your requested solution that will not work with your long term needs.

Bright Path Solutions
PO Box 14265
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-4265

Dakota Systems, Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in delivering XML-based enterprise content management and publishing solutions. Since 1999, Dakota has gained industry recognition for its work in automated publishing technology by providing content integration services for clients such as the University of Chicago Press, BAI, Boeing, Motorola, SAP America, SBC/Ameritech and John Deere.

DataStream Content Solutions

DataStream Content Solutions, LLC (DSCS) is a leader in XML- based services with unique capabilities around the programmatic collection, conversion, validation and delivery of data. The company.s ability to transform information according to complex government and commercial requirements has been demonstrated on projects with data from the US Senate and the US House of Representatives, the EPA, the province of Quebec, the government of France and many leading companies within the publishing industry, including Congressional Quarterly and Lexis-Nexis.

Services and Products DSCS delivers content solution services, data products and software. Content solution services cover the complete spectrum of content management including: data, workflow and environmental analysis; capture and enhancement of data; and migration strategy, validation and dissemination. The Company.s data products include many important public domain government documents, which are transformed into XML or proprietary formats and subsequently sold on a subscription basis. DSCS software tools for XML authoring, editing and publishing are available for licensing.

Unique Attributes The Company.s flexible data transformation system is designed to be extensible, stay current and utilize open standards. DSCS specializes in manipulating complex, unstructured and tabular data within legal, regulatory and financial information. Completed projects include customization of COTS software tailored to the client.s needs. Compliance with the Software Engineering Institute.s Capability Maturity Model at Level 3, (expected in Q2 of .05,) attests to DSCS.s best practices in software development and engineering. No other company of similar size or any in the data conversion business has achieved this milestone.

Total Accessibility Means Peace of Mind

Deque is a pioneer in making information accessible to all web users, regardless of personal disability. Deque leads the market with solutions that automatically test, validate and repair web sites for accessibility.

Deque Undoc for PDF is the first product in Deque.s content standards management line. It provides bulk transformation of business content, including automatic transformation of documents in subdirectories into well-structured HTML and XML. Deque.s support for XML helps content designers more effectively reuse existing business content with solutions that support variable content printing. Deque Undoc for PDF also provides inline embedded graphics transformation, producing EPS, TIFF, PSD, JPEG, GIF or PNG output from embedded PDF images with user-adjustable interpolated resolution.

Deque Undoc for PDF complements the existing Deque Ramp product line. The Deque Undoc and Ramp product lines are designed to encourage process workflow to streamline efforts at managing content for accessibility. After transforming PDF content to HTML, making them accessible through Deque Ramp Ascend is as easy as accessibility can get.

Deque Worldspace offers content standard services that identify the risks in existing content and reconstruct the content to meet current industry and organizational standards, including XHTML conformance and transformation of PDF to industry standard XML

Deque Systems
11180 Sunrise Valley Drive
Suite 400
Reston, Virginia 20191

(PH) (703) 225-0380
(FX) (703) 225-0387

EMC Documentum

Documentum software from EMC Corporation includes enterprise content management solutions that enable organizations to unite teams, content, and associated business processes. With a single platform, EMC Documentum software enables people to collaboratively create, manage, deliver, and archive the content that drives business operations, from documents and discussions to e-mail, Web pages, records, and rich media. The Documentum enterprise content management platform makes it possible for companies to distribute all of this content in multiple languages, across internal and external systems, applications, and user communities. As a result of deploying Documentum, thousands of the world's most successful organizations are harnessing corporate knowledge, accelerating time to market, increasing customer satisfaction, enhancing supply chain efficiencies, reducing operating costs, and improving their overall competitive advantage. For more information about Documentum enterprise content management, visit www.emc.com/documentum or call 800.607.9546 (outside the U.S.: +1.925.600.6754).

HighRidge Technologies Incorporated

docKinetics Analytics Integrator is more than a publisher. Utilizing XBRL, an XML Business Reporting standard, docKinetics allows you to prepare and converge financial reports with other document types , create financial performance ratios, and perform preliminary financial analysis.

Once the research and analysis is complete, content can be either selectively or entirely published to over 10 different distribution channels.

docKinetics is a browser-based solution giving analysts a choice of Linux, Macintosh or Windows platforms to accomplish their research and publishing.

HighRidge Technologies Inc.
5 Bessom St., #129
Marblehead, MA 01945

WorX Studio is a powerful plug-in to Microsoft® Word 2003 that provides for automated application of XML based on custom schemas. WorX Studio offers a visual environment seamlessly integrated in Microsoft Word that allows developers to easily configure it for any schema. The combination of WorX Studio with Microsoft Word 2003, or with Word 2000/2002 and WorX provides the necessary foundation for easy to use XML authoring and editing within Microsoft Word. WorX-based authoring and editing solutions provide for direct authoring of structured content or transformation of content from unstructured sources - all using Microsoft Word.

In.vision Research Corporation

Information to be provided.

ActiveDocs provides a number of world class document assembly solutions spanning HR, finance, legal and government. Based on the XML technologies in Microsoft Office 2003, ActiveDocs combines with SI International to simplify the process of recreating and publishing Federal Register compliant XML documents. While disguising many of the complexities inherent in traditional XML authoring tools, ActiveDocs presents federal Information Workers with a powerful family of tools aiding in the assembly and collaboration of a Microcomp ready XML document.

Mark Logic

Mark Logic has developed the first enterprise-class database specifically designed for disparately structured content, effectively unlocking the vast majority of enterprise information that is not easily stored in relational databases. Mark Logic Content Interaction Server was built from the ground up to enable enterprises to analyze, synthesize and enhance business content that, until now, has remained locked inside Microsoft Word documents, PDF files, E-mail, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint and HTML, SGML and XML documents.

Content Interaction Server provides the platform for a new class of content-centric applications that extract value from existing content in order to create new products and services, streamline business processes and enhance existing revenue streams. Mark Logic has garnered a prestigious client list that includes Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Elsevier and the U.S. Department of Defense. The Company was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in San Mateo, California. For more information, visit www.marklogic.com or call +1-650-655-2300.

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft is dedicated to more efficient and responsive e-government. That means helping government serve the public any time, any place and on any device. As the world’s leading software provider for desktop and mobile computers, we engineer products that give government agencies choices in devices, networks, services and technology partners. Our Web-enabled solutions connect government more easily to constituents, employees and suppliers. They are easy to install, maintain and manage and also grow with your needs. Microsoft understands the increasing demands being placed on today’s governments. You can count on us to help public servants work more productively in the 21st Century.


Percussion Software's family of practical software solutions enables customers to maximize both the value and quality of their enterprise content through cost-effective content management, ease of content reuse, optimized delivery to multiple channels and increased efficiency. The company's flagship product, Rhythmyx, based on open standards, is the first Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution to provide cost-effective, multi-channel delivery of easily reusable content.

Rhythmyx is uniquely designed to meet the needs of Mid-Tier Enterprises. Rhythmyx offers the perfect alternative to inflexible, out-of-the-box, low-end products and expensive, high-end products that take too long to implement and require massive budgets to deliver. A robust, scalable ECM solution, Rhythmyx manages Web and portal content, documents, digital assets, and scanned images.

Rhythmyx optimizes content delivery for multiple channels using the industry's only De-Coupled Delivery architecture. Rhythmyx also enables customers to maximize both the value and quality of their enterprise content by providing industry-first content reuse capabilities through its Active Assembly and Intelligent Relationships capabilities.

Percussion's portfolio of over 2,500 customers includes Fortune 1000 companies as well as other global, industry and public sector leaders, including Armstrong World Industries, the Arthritis Foundation, BC Hydro, Churchill Downs, Dollar Rent A Car, the FAA, ICI Paints, Jefferson Health Systems, McKesson, Penn Mutual, the Dept. of State, The Metropolitan Transportation Commission, and Sesame Workshop. Founded in 1994, Percussion Software is self-funded and profitable. More information can be found on the Web at www.percussion.com.

Percussion Software, Inc.
600 Unicorn Park Drive
Woburn, MA 01801
Toll Free 800.283.0800
Tel. 781.438.9900
Fax. 781.428.9955

Refresh Software

Founded as a Web development consultancy in 1996, Refresh Software responded to customer needs by developing Core Content Management for Web properties and portals, leveraging a standards-compliant open database architecture as its point of integration. Core Content Management affordably delivers all the essential user-centric features with the most flexible, scalable and embeddable architecture on the market.

SiteRefresh® Core Content Management is a new breed of CMS, delivering the essential content management features including easy-to-use browser-based authoring, templating, workflow, versioning, and check-in/check-out with role-based permissions. SiteRefresh is offered as a online CMS Web Service or deployed as licensed software that leverages existing IT infrastructure, databases, and employee skill sets. This approach dramatically reduces or eliminates initial licensing fees and results in quicker, more straightforward integrations, thereby reducing additional costs associated with professional services and ongoing maintenance.

In contrast to proprietary end-to-end CMS products, the SiteRefresh Open Publishing System (OPS) is a method for the secure and controlled retrieval of assets stored in the SiteRefresh Content Repository. OPS includes a series of source code Content Retrieval Objects which engage SiteRefresh's Content Repository's open/published RDBMS schema for non-proprietary API access. Customer's chosen publishing process continue to operate without reengineering and can be used to generate content in Web, WAP, RSS, and XML formats.

For more information, please visit www.refreshsoftware.com.

Retrieval Systems

Retrieval Systems Corporation offers a full range of information technology services for electronic content management. A GSA contract holder, RSC's content engineers use a wide variety of XML, SGML, repository and delivery system tools, including both open source, commercial products and custom development. Clients include government agencies, commercial, tax and legal publishers and those wishing to capitalize on their information resources.

SI International

SI International is a provider of information technology and network solutions (IT) primarily to the Federal Government. Our specialty is in defining, designing, building, deploying, and operating mission-critical solutions for the Department of Defense and Federal Civilian agencies. We deliver a full spectrum of state-of-the-practice systems and services with a strategic focus on Federal IT Modernization, Defense Transformation, Homeland Security, and Mission-Critical Outsourcing.

Within Federal IT Modernization, SI International is developing innovative strategies which leverage commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products to streamline the Federal Register publication process. To accomplish this, we have aligned with best-of-breed industry partners and developed a solution framework, FedRegDocSS, which consists of a baseline set of tools and technologies that when integrated together, enabling Federal Government agencies to reduce costs by introducing effective automation strategies into their Federal Register publication processes. The expertise we have developed around Federal Register Publication in combination with our solution framework, enable us to develop customized Federal Register solutions which meet the unique needs of our customers.

SI International is uniquely qualified to spearhead the Transformation of Federal IT:

  • We provide performance-oriented solutions that enhance our clients. core missions of getting the right information to the right people at the right time.
  • We are recognized for our rapid response, rapid deployment capabilities by providing robust mission-critical solutions under very tight timeframes.
  • We deliver meaningful operational improvements in the near-term and incorporate additional capabilities in rapid succession, while building towards a total enterprise-wide solution.
  • We support our clients. complete systems life cycles by drawing on the resources of our specialized practice areas, from design and development to implementation and operations.

For additional information please visit www.si-intl.com.

Corporate Sponsor

Software AG, Inc. is a pioneer in XML solutions and a leading global provider of system software services enabling enterprise data integration and management. Our products and solutions focus on standards-based XML integration such as Web services and enterprise content management. With more than 30 years database and application experience, thousands of renowned companies worldwide including Delta Airlines, Citibank, Merck, and Daimler Chrysler rely on Software AG products to support their mission critical applications. Today, more companies are realizing the benefits of working with an established company and are adopting Software AG.s XML technology as a foundation of their applications.

For additional information go to www.softwareagusa.com/BuildwithXML


The form your content takes is critical to your information.s success. TechBooks has built a reputation as a market leader in applying technology to empower our clients to re-imagine the future of their information.

Working collaboratively with its valued clients, TechBooks designs workflows and provides outsourcing services that enable its clients to develop, prepare, manage, and present their information assets in new and innovative ways while maintaining their unique objectives.

Our commitment to client satisfaction is reflected by our world-class client base that includes publishers, government agencies, information aggregators, professional societies and major corporations.

For more information regarding TechBooks and our service offering please contact:

Anita Gupta
Senior Vice President
11150 Main Street, Suite #402
Fairfax, VA 22030
703-352-0001 ext. 125

Vasont Systems

About Vasont Systems
Headquartered in Emigsville, Pennsylvania, Vasont Systems is a leading provider of content management software and data services backed by more than 50 years of experience in the information management and publishing industry. Its flagship Vasont® content management system enables organizations of all sizes to create, manage, and store their multilingual content once for multi-channel delivery to print, PDF, CD-ROM, and Web formats. Fortune 1,000 companies and organizations from a variety of industries, including manufacturing, technology, publishing, government, and healthcare, use Vasont to manage and produce multilingual technical documentation, product manuals, and reference materials. www.vasont.com


Xcential develops XML authoring applications for Legislative and Regulatory Agency's. Our application provides a completely tag free authoring environment while adhering to XML standards such as RDF, Dublin Core, XHTML, and XPath.

LegisPro is the leading legislative XML editing tool on the market today. LegisPro is designed specifically for the authoring and amending of local, state and federal government legislation. The application was designed to empower legislative developers of bills, measures, amendments, rules and regulations to create highly structured XML content without any understanding of the XML structure underneath. LegisPro was designed to be repository neutral and completely standards based in its architecture and data modeling.

ENABLE our base technology allows us to quickly modify our application to meet the specific needs of the customer. Providing 80% of the base functionality allows us to adapt quickly to the unique requirements of each customer while leveraging the existing framework, features and benefits already developed.

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Founded in 1991, X.Systems, Inc. is a solution provider with broad experience in every phase of the information life cycle.  XSI has built high performance SGML and XML authoring environments for major public and private sector organizations, designed and built mission critical web applications for Federal and State agencies, and deployed end-to-end XML information management environments for major organizations.

XSI is also the developer of GEMt, a native XML content and work management system based on Tamino, the industry-leading native XML repository from Software AG.  GEMt is tightly integrated with the Epic XML products from Arbortext and is used in Federal, State and private sector organizations.

If you rely on the US Navy for defense, reference the latest judicial, legislative, and regulatory information, fly commercial aircraft or a private jet, drive a big rig, ambulance or fire truck, own a Ford, GM or Chrysler automobile or use a plumbing fixture, then you've been touched by XyEnterprise technology. These are just a few examples of how XyEnterprise products impact everything from mission critical applications to the common fixtures we touch and take for granted every day.

XyEnterprise provides organizations of all sizes with content and document management solutions that streamline the information creation and delivery process. XyEnterprise combines its own XML content management, workflow and publishing software with integration services that allow organizations to derive and leverage the inherent value of collaborative creation, management, assembly, and multi-channel distribution of content required in today's dynamic publishing environment.