Standard Exchange for Product Data/Standard Generalized Markup Language


The STEP standard task group, Product Documentation (ISO 184/SC4/WG3/T14), is aimed at the integration of two of the most prominent and important information technologies encompassed by standards efforts. These are the areas of product data and product documentation. The results and recommendations of Working Group 3 (T14) are aimed at harmonizing the use and application of the international standards covering the following areas:

  • ISO 10303, Standard Exchange for Product Data (STEP) which covers product data, is being developed by a broad range of industries to provide extensive support for modelling, automated storage schema generation, life-cycle support, plus many more data management facilities. And,
  • ISO 8879, Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML), and the SGML family of standards, which many of the same industries have adopted and extensively used for the documentation of products.

Important Note

The T14 Working Group Information is now being maintained at National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). The information below is being maintained for 'historical' reference.

Preliminary Work Item (PWI)

A Preliminary Work Item (PWI) was unanimously approved by SC4. project will investigate ways to increase the interoperability between both families of standards

Minutes from Past Meetings

Working Papers and Presentations

The following working papers and presentations are available for viewing and downloading. These files are in Microsoft Word format and have been compressed using PKZIP.

Presentations from T14 Meetings

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