Agenda - September 16, 2009

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Software AG

The Role of Middleware in Rapidly Adopting XML as a Standard Data Interchange Mechanism

  • XML continues to become increasingly popular, but Flat Files and EDI (multiple flavors) continue to make up the largest percentage of document formats used in IT.
  • Proprietary & Legacy Systems are often designed with older data formats in mind, slowing widespread adoption of XML.
  • Using a Middleware Solution helps organizations quickly integrate with existing systems to expose data in XML and the interface as a service
  • Adopting services as part of a SOA, and building an XML-based standard data interchange (regardless of format) are best practices.

Software AG has successfully provided:

  • Adoption strategy for XML and SOA -
  • Middleware solution for Integration, Messaging, Data Interchange, and Realtime Transalation
  • Visibility into data interchange using Business Activity Monitoring - Document, Service and Process level
  • An XML Database for Native XML storage and metadata management (for XML, non-XML, structured/unstructured data)
  • Registry/Repository for Services Management (using the XML Database underneath for Metadata & Taxonomy storage)