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Electronic Commerce Connection, Inc. - XMetal Training

Introduction to XMetal

Electronic Commerce Connection is happy to announce its partnership with SoftQuad as an Xmetal authorized training partner. Students should expect to gain a good working knowledge of XML and XMetal. Below is a profile of a three day course ECC will provide:
XMetal Day 1 - XML for XMetal (2001)
  • Introduction to structured markup
  • Introduction to XML
  • The well-formed XML document
  • The valid XML document
  • The good-looking XML document
  • The XML world
XMetalDay 3 - Resource Manager
  • Asset Classification
  • Packaging Assets
  • fx* Files - in depth
  • Set Access to Remote Assets
XMetalDay 2 - XMetal Core Configuration (2002)
  • The XMetal configuration process
  • Installing your DTD
  • Quick Styles
  • Document Templates
  • DTD-specific customizationsCreating style sheets with the CSS Editor
  • Global customizations
  • Macros

  • Editing macros by hand
  • Setting up the Resource Manager
  • Packaging an XMetal Environment

Contact Information

Email:  info@eccnet.com
Phone: 410-787-9200
Address:  Glen Burnie, Md.

We Support ebXML
XMetaL Training Available

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